December 30, 2007

My favorites in 2007

This is my entry to Nupur's Best of 2007 Event.

I have a few recipes that I thought were real hits. One of them is a Fruitcake that I made to celebrate the holiday season. It was flavorful and delicious - certainly a recipe I will make every holiday season.

Miriyala Annam - Pepper Flavored Rice from Sailu's Kitchen was an amazingly different quick tadka rice. I have cooked a lot with pepper and curry leaves, but I have never smelt the kind of aromas that roasting these spices gives before. Delicious and simple.

Another recipe that I will make again is the Lasun Chutney from Nupur's One Hot Stove. It was delicious as a podi with rice and ghee and as an accompaniment to dosas.

I have been struggling with Tomato Chutney for a while now. Success finally came with this chutney from Nandita at Saffron Trail. The only changes I made are to cook the tomatoes on high heat (at setting 8 on my electric stove) to get browning flavors from the tomatoes and to add the salt towards the end to de-glaze the browned bits from the bottom of the pan. If the tomatoes aren't sour enough, I would add tamarind or amchur (dry mango) powder for some sourness.

Bread pudding sounded so boring until I saw the pictures for Berry Brioche pudding on La Tartine Gourmande's blog. (Looking at those pictures, you sort of acquire a sweet tooth if you didn't have one). Did anyone mention that bread pudding gets even better sitting in the fridge waiting to be eaten cold for the next morning's breakfast? I am wondering if all bread puddings are better cold the next day rather than warm. Good, good, good. Breading puddings are in, and I am now waiting to try out a Banana Caramel bread pudding recipe that caught my eye in Bon appetit.

Ice creams are an ongoing experiment. You will not believe how amazingly different ice creams taste at home. A simple orange lemon ice cream tastes like no other ice cream I have tried anywhere else. The flavors are just amazing, and you can control the fat content. Honey in ice cream? You have to try it to believe it. I'll will be posting some of these recipes in 2008.

I learned about a couple of techniques this year that I have yet to try out. So 2008 will see a few recipes using Sous vide and Confit techniques. A recent trip to Puerto Rico put Flan, Asapao and Rice and beans on the menu. There are some Southeast asian recipes that need some perfecting, and new meat cuts (Lamb and Mutton) and cooking methods (braising) to try out.

Some new ingredients I tried this year (with varying degrees of success): Sweet potatoes, winter squashes, sweet and green plantains, schezwan peppercorns, kokam, fish sauce.

Recipes out of my comfort zone: Many - but Ceviche was particularly delicious. And I discovered that good quality seafood is a completely different ball game. Case in point - Scallops. I will blog about seafood recipes sometime in the future.

So 2008 promises to be an exciting year. As a newbie to the food blogging world, I am excited to see how things will turn out.


Nupur said...

It sounds like this has been a delicious year for you! Welcome to the food blog world, and I hope you find joy and success here.

Gretchen Noelle said...

You mention so many things that I enjoy cooking and eating: plantains, ceviche, flan...I look forward to seeing how your next year turns out!

Minti said...

Nupur - Thanks for the wishes!

Gretchen - I was overwhelmed by the number of entries in the roundup and didn't even know where to begin looking. What a godsend that you visited! Peruvian food sounds like so much fun. You can bet that I will be making some of your recipes.

Mansi Desai said...

welcome to the food blog community Minti! wish you a happy and healthy 2008!

Minti said...

Thanks Mansi! I am excited to be here. A Happy new year to you too...